Spotlight: Andrew Rowley

"I believe love is one of the worst things humans can waste. Oh wait wait...and lasagna."

Andrew Rowley aka Ninja Steeze is a blogger friend of mine with the perfect combination of literary prose and straight up ballsiness.  He wanders around New York City with his sidekick and girlfriend, Crystal posting their musing and nonsense on their mutual blog Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

Not only does he team up with his lady-love for the sake of the 1st amendment, but he’s a super blogger to boot!  Penning two other blogs, each with different themes; random musings on Ninja Steeze and poetic lyrics on One Lost Poet.

Check out the maestro himself in this tell-all Spotlight interview, and see why his subscribers are kept in stitches…

Click here to read the interview, or check out the Spotlight menu at the top of the page!


5 thoughts on “Spotlight: Andrew Rowley

  1. =D!! Thanks for the spotlight LoLo. It’s always appreciated. It came out cool. I may need to ask you some questions about putting yours up lol. I can’t wait!! 😀 Blog on. Ninja vanish!

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