Annie Hall and Blackberry Ice Cream

The best thing about living in New York, of course, is the millions of things to do. That million doubles during the summer when hoards of New Yorkers thirst for anything that will get them out of their hot apartments.

There’s music festivals left and right, cultural celebrations, free concerts, amazing art exhibits exclusive to the city and tons of new hot spots opening its doors (did someone say, “drink specials”?).

Last Thursday, as the temperature climbed beyond 90 degrees for the fourth day in a row, my best friend Tia and I headed to the best place to catch a breeze, the water.

SyFy in collaboration with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservatory is hosting a summer long out-door movie screening series at pier 1 called Movies With a View. Last night’s showing was a short film by Jessica Burstein called Abby Canceled. It was a 20 minute long, single scene scenario depicting what insanity can ensue when the host of the evening cancels, leaving two couples who don’t know each other to entertain themselves at a dinner party. The feature film for the evening was Woody Allen’s classic New York love story, Annie Hall, one of my favorites. Keaton is young and refreshing, Allen is his nervous, wordy self and you get two bonuses: young Christopher Walken and a VERY hot young Jeff Goldblum (swoon).

Before the movies came on at sunset (on a giant blow-up screen) DJ Ursula 1000 kept the crowed entertained by spinning everything from the White Stripes to Stevie Wonder. There was Calexico, a Southern California based taco stand selling $3 tacos and $1 bottles of water, a concession stand with everything from candy to popcorn to boxed dinners, and a nearby ice cream cart which I’ve confirmed to have been serving up the best blackberry ice cream I’ve ever had. Aside from the food, mind you, this was a FREE event!

Next weeks show will be featuring animated film, Dragons and ______
I’ll be there, this time with a bag of my own home made deliciousness and a thermos full of beer (shhhhh…).

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