Spot the Irony

It’s awfully slow in the office this week, hence I have been doing some catching up with the latest headlines.  I usually browse fashion blogs because the typical news outlets (NY Times…etc) while very informative, tend to leave me a little deflated.  My happy medium is New York Magazine.  Today a NYM headline lead me to AOL news which reported a literal crime of passion.

23-year old Arthur Sedille apparently shot and killed his 50-year old wife while playing a pretty heavy sex game.  He admitted to authorities that he often likes to pull out his handgun during sex and point it at his lady’s dome.  This time, however, he had no idea the gun was loaded- I’d check the most recently updated insurance forms after that flimsy excuse.  How do you not know that your “sex toy” is loaded?….

But the part that I thought was the most hilarious (in that “dark humor” kind of way,  of course) was the quote from Sedille’s Facebook profile page regarding his interests…which include:

AK-47 assault rifle, M-1 Carbine rifle, Jagermeister and Jesus Christ



3 thoughts on “Spot the Irony

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  2. Well, if one looks at the facts and the desires of his old lady, he’ll be out in no time and will be able to prosecute the county and will receive millions from the unlawful and discriminatory arrest. One should not incarcerate the victim in a case of her demented sex desires.

    • That would be a second crime…. But your probably right. On another note…a get-rich-quick scheme: You can marry a loaded geriatric, lure him into adding you to his will, then hang him from the ceiling, tie a bow around his balls and tell the cops he liked it like that. Hmmmm…..ideas are brewing.

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