Artist of Note.

Photography is a medium I prefer to obsess over.  I feel that because I’ve always been a little near-sighted (literally, I’ve worn corrective lenses for 18 years) that I’ve had an askew perspective about whats beautiful.  When I do take photos myself, it’s because one element out of many stood out clear as day – kind of like I’m proclaiming that I can see something and I’m not actually as blind as Dr. Yee tells me I am.

But while I save up for a Nikon D90, I glisten in observance of other geniuses.  Like Mike Schreiber, a New York based photographer recently featured in Dazed Digital Magazine (UK).  Not only is he kind of a Jesus-face, but he’s self-taught and pretty bananas at bringing forth the subtle  brilliance of everyday life forms.  His recently published book True Hip Hop takes a peek at East Coast hip hop artists in rare form.   Check him out…

Mike Schreiber


Mos Def




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