TMZ Aires Teena Marie 911 Tape

I think it’s contemptuously sad that the “Hollywood Media” outlets like TMZ and Perez Hilton are so obsessed with gaining hits on their website that they will sink to whatever level necessary to grab an SEO hike.

The late musical icon, Teena Marie (as most know now) was recently found dead in her home by her daughter Rose.  She was only 54!  When I found out that she had passed away my first thought was my own mom…54 is SO YOUNG and she died in her sleep.  I can’t imagine what a horrific shock that must have been for her daughter, who at least from an outside eye, seemed very close to her mom.

TMZ has now (proudly) posted the 911 call from Rose after she found her mother dead.

The shameful TMZ post, not a rare find on today's celeb sites.

This isn’t the first time sites like this have boasted of being the first to share 911 tapes with the world.  I didn’t and won’t even bring myself to listen to this, for the simple fact that whatever pain Rose was experiencing when she found her mother gone is private…not for the critique or entertainment of other people.

It’s a damaging concept that people in today’s society have become so numb to violence that they could find this sort of over-share to be of any consequence at all.

Shame on all of you.


One thought on “TMZ Aires Teena Marie 911 Tape

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