Six Reasons I’m Glad It’s Monday


Ecote Over The Knee Western Boots

The awsomerific boots I ordered from Urban Outfitters (at 40% off) are shipped and on their happy way to my office.  I plan on find something to do this week JUST to show off these babies with tights and a “doesn’t she know its January” skirt.


Although my G2 chose not to wake up this morning along with me, and is staring blankly at me with a dark undisturbed face, I am thrilled to know that I am not responsible for any replacement fee.  Aside from shipping, all I have to do is pay for a temporary loaner phone flirt shamelessly with the store manager and walk out with a loaner phone until my new G2 arrives in the mail.


I got a complementary “thank you” from the most recent Artist of Note Mike Schreiber, the New York photographer I so aptly dubbed a Jesus Face.  Now, very much loving that I chose to add the “Contact Me” link to my blog.


Loving the Calvin Klein suede boots I was gifted by a friend that I’m wearing today with my favorite “$20 SoHo dress” and blazer.


Counting down 18 days until I fly home to California and 22 days before (hopefully) my new baby niece is born!  I can’t wait to meet this little beauty, the whole family is waiting in anticipation of the latest member of our family joins us.


Its pay-day….  Nuff said.


5 thoughts on “Six Reasons I’m Glad It’s Monday

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  2. #5 – CUTE! Baby pics? I know it’s some weirdos out here… but I’m a sucker for baby pics. lol

    #6 – YES LAWD I know the feeling! If only my payday wasn’t about 21 days away lmfao

    • Oh you can bet I’ll be looking my best to meet my new little schmoopie, sis.

      That…and there might be a few young doctors/interns around when I wander into the employee’s lounge.

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