Snow Trials

I was browsing Time Out NY for a new bar to hit up with a girlfriend this Wednesday, when I realized I should probably check the weather…

Wish I didn’t…

Damn damn damn daaaaaamn!

10 Reasons the Snow Sucks:

  1. It cuts out 96% of my shoe options and often forces me into over-sized blue wellies.
  2. My street seems to be last on the list for clearing and I end up stepping into snow up to my v-jay.
  3. Its impossible to get a cab out of Brooklyn.
  4. Slipping on ice.  That is all.
  5. Hard to look cute in two pairs of jeans, and a scarf bigger than life wrapped around my face.
  6. The cold wind not only blows off my “smokey eye” but causes instant tears to fall down my face.
  7. The subway develops MS and no one can get anywhere.
  8. Nights out with the girls turn to nights in with a bottle of rum. (pro and con, really)
  9. No one (good) will deliver.
  10. The ever-popular “brown snow” effect takes place in the days following.

1 Reason the Snow is Awesome

  1. Snow Angels

Verdict: Worth it!


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