Weighing In: The Flu “Epidemic”

I make it a morning habit to read the news headlines on my Android as I brush my teeth.  I’m sure one day my room mates will wake to my screams after dropping my $500 phone into a pool of sudsy toothpaste water; but until that day it remains a daily staple.  This morning however, as I browsed headlines I rolled my eyes as yet again the focus of health news surrounds that new favorite buzz word “flu”.

I am well aware that the flu is a terrible…uh…epidemic inconvenience.  Achy body, fever, sinus congestion, headache, sneezing…and the ubiquitous “ugh” feeling that floats like a gray cloud above the victim’s head.  However, being that I wasn’t born yesterday, I feel as though the over all dramatization of the flu has miraculously increased since the introduction of the flu vaccine.  Coincidence?

Beware the runny nose!

All due respect to those who have died from the flu.  One of my good friend’s father died a few years ago from complications with the flu.  But when nearly every “flu scare” headline is accompanied by details of words like “obese”, “elderly”, “infant”, “complications”…I can’t help but think that the intensity of the flu is being puffed up when perhaps the victims who have died from it were already in a weakened state of health.  For example; my friend’s father was always in and out of the hospital.  Just one of those unfortunate people who had a weaker immune system.

No one wants to stand up and shout “BLUFF” when we’re talking about grandmothers and 4-year-olds, but I have to say it….this is FISHY!

A few weeks ago I began to feel flu symptoms and nursed my ailment with all 100% homeopathic treatments.  I was all better in less than 7 days, with not ONE trip to the doctor or one needle prick to the arm.  Does the media hype up homeopathic remedies?  Nope…just shoot yourself with this concoction that we mixed up and everything will be juuuust fine.

We live in a society that allows the media to completely run our lives, that’s just an undeniable fact.  From product placement to website ads to newspaper headlines, the media guides nearly everything we do.  It’s just a simple observation – this flu topic that sticks to the back of my throat.  They want us to be afraid of the flu, to associate it with death tolls and suffering.  They want us to feel as though it’s practically our obligation to our fellow mankind to line up and get a flu vaccine.  In the same country where millions of people are unable to afford a doctor to mend a broken bone, your local drug store is passing out free flu shots as though it were water.  All I’m asking…all I ever ask…all anyone reading this should ask  is why?

How did I beat the flu in less than 7 days without a drop of medicine?

Find out in the premier issue of RIVYRSE Magazine!


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