The Weather Outside if Frightful

Today was quite a frosty Saturday in Brooklyn.  The cotton-like piles of snow create a thick margin between the slushy streets and bank at lakes of slushy puddles that rise to the ankles.  It was off-and-on overcast with peek-a-boo teasers of sunshine intermittently appearing then ducking for cover.  My friend Princess (also co-editor of Rivyrse Magazine) came by around noon to touch base on website stuff.  Before that I logged onto AIM and had an interview/chat with photographer Mike Schreiber, who will be featured in our premier coming soon.  Once noting that neither of us had immutable plans for the day, we decided to go check out a thrift shop in Gowanus called Union Max. It ended up being a pretty perfect little field trip.

We stopped by the Fall Cafe on Union street.  They have AMAZING croissant breakfast sandwiches with the fluffiest eggs we’ve ever had.  I had to ask the guy behind the counter how they made them and he explained that they use only STEAM to make them (straight out of the espresso machine).  Infusing them with hot water and introducing air creates an incredible effect perfect for a breakfast sandwich.  Yum!

This is Hero, his owner was very cool about me snapping pics of his dog, explaining that “It happens a lot…”  🙂

This is only a small corner of the treasure box that was Union Max.  I even found some old vintage Nancy Drew books hiding in the corner.  Check out our premier issue of Rivyrse with more amazing photos from this Brooklyn favorite soon to come!


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