Today is like…

Today is like a pointless question.  Like asking someone, “Do you still have that tattoo on your lower back..?”

Or asking a liar if he’s lying.

Today is much like my relationship with bananas.  I only eat them when I realize how long it’s been since I had one.  And I tend to think it’s a shame that the banana should lose rotation in my diet.  I’m not a banana-biggot.  I think equal opportunity banana important.

Today is like the cup of coffee I always pour myself in the morning.  I drink most but not all of it.  I forget it’s there as I busy myself with morning stuff.  Then I remember it and I try to take a sip.  By then, of course, its room temperature and I end up discarding the remainder.  I always feel a little guilty for that, like I somehow let the coffee down by not appreciating it enough while it was hot.

I think today is kind of like the word “room temperature” (while we’re on the subject)…because there is no actual temperature to determine what room temperature actually is.  I mean, if you’re in a sauna, then room temperature is actually quite sufficient for coffee.

Today, is Monday and Mondays are often this way.  Kind of ho-hum and not so great.  This would generally be my queue to do some “pick me up” online shopping, but I’m actually more poor today then I’ve been in weeks and must avoid such frivolity.

I think I’ll do some sober drunk-texting.


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