7 Awesome Things About Today

I woke up this morning in one of those horrible random panics.  The ones that always happen to me when my alarm clock goes haywire and “forgets” to wake me (so I wake myself up with a gasp and piss off male company…although I didn’t have any last night MOM if your reading this).  Only this morning I was supposed to be covering for my desk-partner and get to work 2 hours early….I was late by 30 minutes to the shagrin of my boss (who responded to my warning email with a cryptic “ok…” – as if accidents like that can never happen in the world).  I looked at the sign above my desk…


I shook it off.  Then I got dressed so fast it would put Tasmanian Devil to shame and grabbed my fall coat instead of my winter coat out of pure sleep-crazed confusion.  So I froze my ass all the way to work in 17 degree weather.

That was the one shitty thing about today…but here are things that rock:

#1 It’s Friday….nuff said.

#2 Ski Trip Tomorrow With the Buds!!

#3 My new boss sent out my official welcome email to me and my new team…marking a nice fat (much-needed) promotion and raise.

#4 I have my first meeting with my admissions counselor for the school I’m applying for Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts.

#5 I found an awesome denim brand (that probably everyone else in the world knows about but who cares…I found it, so it’s mine) called Pray for Mother Nature and their jeans/pants are completely awesome and hello?… their brand name is genius.

#6 I am not completely broke and have put aside a little bit of dollas’ to get my best friend an awesomeiferous birthday gift.  I love picking out gifts for people…when I can (which now I’ll be able to do a little more often).

#7 After an arctic chill of a week in New York the weather says tomorrow is going to be in the low to mid 40’s!  That’s really whats awesome about tomorrow, but what it made my day anyway.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


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