Happy Birthday Wiki!

My awesome best friend Wiki (I named her after Wikipedia because she has a world of random knowledge that she constantly spews as FYIs)  will be turning 26 tomorrow.  To celebrate her birthday we are going to be heading up to Tuxedo Mountain to go skiing and tubing with a bunch of awesome friends.  I’m also going to list (’cause I love lists) all the things I love about her…

#1 The obvious above mentioned wealth of random facts.

#2 She is a designer for an accessories company, and therefore very often hands over, a plethora of super awesome bags, scarfs, hats, gloves and other loveliness to her friends.  She literally has kept me in knit scarfs this winter, I collected over half a dozen scarves including a pashmina she designed that has decorative script detailing our road trip from Texas to New York.

#3 Her best “accessory” is her 5 year old son, who loves comic books, asks incredibly deep questions, is cute as a button and occasionally runs to the door stark naked.  Everyone knows awesome kids can only come from awesome people.

#4 She loves wine as much as I do.  Nothing worse than a friend who’s “on the wagon”.

#5 Like me, and most of my other friends and family she is a poster child for anti-establishmentarianism and thinks out side of the box.  Always.

#6 She’s the best kind of asshole.  Meaning she always tells the naked truth, which not everyone can handle and frankly occasionally makes me want to smack her.  But at the end of the day I’d rather have a real-friend who will give it to me straight than a sham-friend who garnishes the truth for the sake of kindness.

#7 Just when I start to feel like a loser for not being able to juggle my life quite as seamlessly as she does…she looses her wallet.  It happens a few times a year, and I secretly feel better about myself each time.  Thanks for being so forgetful Wiks.

I realize this list makes her sound like a drunk communist asshole who loses her wallet, reared a crazy child and steals sh*t from her job.  But we’re talking about someone who is MY best friend…so what did you expect?


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