Cold on a Warm Day


I’m sick in bed on the most beautiful day we’ve had in a while. The sun is shining and its nearly 60 degrees in NY. But here I lay…sniffling under the covers. I’m blocking out the sun so I can sleep without feeling like I’m missing something really beautiful. I’ll venture out eventually and see if vitamin D rays help make me feel better. Till then I’m sad and gross and sneezing all over the place.

Things I Can Do While Sick in Bed:

#1. Cry

#2. Browse Craig’s List for apartments

#3. Drink massive amounts of orange juice

#4. Listen to the garbage trucks fling trash everywhere

#5. Pirate oscar nominated movies

#6. Online shop

#7. Sleep

#8. Cry some more

#9. Bother my mom at work

#10. Skype my big sister

#11. Order French Toast from Punta Cana

#12. Stare outside my windows

#13. Cry again until I go back to sleep


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