Tote-ally Awesome

In an attempt to distract myself from inhuman back pain, I browsed totes on Urban Outfitters.  Always nice to find interesting ways to carry all 987 items necessary for my daily survival.

Items required for daily survival:

  1. Rosebud Perfume Co. Lip Balm
  2. G2 Android phone
  3. Bottle of water
  4. Metro Card
  5. Current read: A New Earth- Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose
  6. Random pieces of paper with ambiguous importance and various content
  7. Compact mirror
  8. Security ID for work
  9. House keys (why is this 9th on the list?)
  10. Very tiny but totally helpful umbrella
  11. Tiny notebook
  12. Eleven pens
  13. Extra pair of shoes
  14. Extra pair of pants (for an after work activity, not for incontinence)

I have yet to perfect the habit of keeping tissue in my purse.  I’m assuming that will come with motherhood or my first truly embarrassing projectile sneeze incident.  In the mean time, I stick to immediate basics.

What’s in your bag?


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