The New Digs & Other Business

As I blog from my Mom’s “comfy-chair” in California, I can’t help but notice the massive gap since my last entry.  Due mostly, of course, to the fact that life has picked up quite a bit for me.  Mostly from work, but also just from life in general.  The weather in New York is not as frightful and it’s much more appealing to be out on the town rather than huddled at my laptop.  I’ve been excepted into my choice Liberal Arts program and my New York social life is at a steady climb.

Also after much deliberation I have decided to part from my roommates and find a place I can call home.  I found it.  Thanks to my broker at BK Apartments I have found a nice one-and-a-half bedroom apartment in a quaint Brownstone on an adorable tree-lined block in Brooklyn.  The floors are hardwood, the walls are original and the rent aint bad a’tall.  The best feature, of course, is the ALONE SPACE.  The ability to cook eggs in the nude (as I so often feel neccesary).  The freedom to blast my Bob Dylan/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs/ Natasha Kahn/ Flaming Lips/Diana Ross musical melange first thing in the morning.  And of course…most importantly, the freedom to allow my lover Angelo free reign without the snide looks of bed-empty roommates who have to be exposed to our late night trists.  I can’t log onto a computer without tip-toeing over to Anthropologie or IKEA to see what item would coordinate with my adorable new space (which by the way has 6 closets INCLUDING the half bedroom which will be a walk-in attached to my room- SCREAM!)

Until June 11th – when my environmentally responsible movers will come in their bio-friendly fueled trucks to carefully transfer my belongings to Putnam Avenue – I wait patiently.  I have three more days with my crazy family and ADORABLE growing baby niece before I fly back home to NYC.  There will be my beloved Angelo waiting at JFK with a cab and a debt of hugs I’m sure.  Today I’m spending the day with my Mommy, and tomorrow is my family’s bbq at Humminbird Park.  The sun is out and I intend to join him.


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