London Riots

I’m from Oakland, California.  I understand the chemistry that sparks a riot.  I understand the heat that must first be applied to the water, the boiling point it reaches, the desperate emotions that fly through the blood stream igniting an overflow.  I’m no one to judge.  Especially since our country has been shaped by outrage.  Our entire world, in fact, has challenged the idea of self-governance for hundreds of years.

The reasons aren’t even important anymore.  The outcome isn’t either. But the fact that riots happen…THAT is what should matter.  THAT is the entire point.

(AP Photo/Sang Tan)

When people feel silenced and ignored and without choices, they tend to react.  That reaction, depending on its vantage point, generally comes out jagged and unorganized.  Chaotic.  Seemingly in need of control – instead of a microphone.

The underlined problem is that people pay attention to what goes on.  Yes, even those who are generally discounted.  Especially those who are discounted.  And until there is less mindless bureaucracy, less thumb pressing to the foreheads of those forced into the line-up, the pressure boiling beneath the surface will only grow hotter.

“They want you to rise up…” someone once told me, “So they can shoot you down, like a whack-a-mole.”  My question is: Does anyone’s point get made?

(Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

The “powers that be”…also known as, those sitting on the top of our little pyramid-scheme of a world, riot against us all the time.  The complex tiny laws that brick by brick chip away at our so-called “freedoms”.  The prison-by-design nature of our economic structure.  The disregard for our health – the over-regard for the top and bottom dollar.  The hush-hush preference for the rich and shooed away quick-fixes passed down to the luckless masses.  – Are these not crimes??  The point of settling the riots as quickly as possible and blowing at the media embers to paint them as horrible criminal acts, regardless of what triggered them, is to post a clear message.  That message is “Stay seated, young people.  Buy a house, watch MTV, eat your GMO tomatoes and be glad you don’t live in the DR Congo.”


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