Red & Yellow Rainbow

I love summer rain.  Especially on Fridays.  There’s nothing like a downpour to wash away the collective muck of a long work week.  My fiance and I made our way to Trader Joe’s to pick up some necessities before the weekend.  We thought we were being clever and getting a weekly chore out of the way early.  But instead we got completely soaked in a sudden rain storm, groceries in hand and running through Bed Stuy against battering heavy rain drops and thunder.

You can bet that we laughed through every second of it.

But like all storms, it manifested a rainbow.  I cooked us a meal that materialized into two vibrant colors; fiery red and sun-drenched yellow.

Getting the required items to get us through the weekend... Trader Joes has the BEST selection of delicious (and cheap) beer.

On the train home from downtown Brooklyn.


Red and yellow heirloom tomatoes and sweet yellow squash..getting "pan ready".

A giant non-stick pot is a cook's best friend. Simmering the squash with red bell pepper, shallots, sea salt and South African smoked pepper.

My action shot. In goes the arugula and Parmigiano stuffed ravioli.

The finished product! The ravioli is topped with roasted red pepper tapenade. On the side is a salad of heirlooms with lavender pepper and capers.


One thought on “Red & Yellow Rainbow

  1. WOW……..that looks ‘de-lish’. How about making a cookbook, sweetie?? I definitely think you have the cooking skill and artistic panache’ to carry it off…………

    ……….I’m just sayin’

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