Saturday (in pictures)

What do you want to do today?

Putnam Avenue was setting up for the annual block party as my fiance and I strolled to Peaches to meet friends for brunch.

Killing time

Brunching with our (also engaged) friends, Tia & Shonee

The artist never sleeps - sketching on a napkin while we wait for the bill.

Headed back to the house to grab a blanket. Bed Stuy vibrates on weekends.

In front of our apartment. Pony rides for the kids...For the kids Ash.

At Fulton Park as we make our way to the subway.

Sheep Meadow in Central Park

This could be a joke. This could be a warning. Got to love New York.

Where to?

The Mr. enjoying a strawberry freeze in front of the Bethesda Terrace

"Want some?" (good guy)

This kid was creating incredible bubbles!!

My favorite flower (the Lotus).

We were planning on renting a boat for the day and touring the lake, but when we found out that the Boat House workers were on strike due to unfair treatment, sexual harassment and gratuities being withheld by management. - we changed our minds.

Heading towards the sailboat pond instead, to seek out a cozy spot to rest.

Poor choice in blanket. Snacking on fruit and nuts, playing cards and snapping pictures of the nature that surrounded us.

Heading home. Opting to take the beautiful tunnel pass instead of the stairs.

Kind of obvious why I'm in love, right?

Headed back to Columbus Circle and passed a bunch of people dancing to Fred Astaire.


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