A Simple Veggie Burger (not that simple)

So it’s “Burger Night”…the first of many at least and I’ve been looking forward to this for days.  The vegetarian patties, with their masala spice called out to me that fateful day at the grocery store.  Eddie and I are such suckers for Indian food.  We literally did a mystical dance of celebration when we discovered that the new apartment location gave us access to a new array of delivery spots…including an amazing Indian restaurant, Bombay Masala.  Yum!

Prepping for the dressing - fresh lemon, olive oil, lavender & rose pepper and a drop of honey.


Lightly toasted rye bread with caraway seed.

Chopped heirloom tomatoes.


Tossing spinach and wasabi arugula with my sweet and tangy dressing.

My fiance wanted a fried egg on his. I don't question his "pregnant lady" food requests. I just go with it.


I added a touch of masala to either side of the bread; thin slices of dill cheese; my spinach arugula mix, the gently heated heirloom tomatoes and it was "Kiss the Chef" day.


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