“Sadie, Sadie”…

So we’re back from California and yes, we are married!  There is a new feeling of warmth in our relationship – a feeling that caught us by surprise.  Little did we know that standing in front of our families and exchanging vows and rings could resonate such an amazing newness.  I’m still getting used to the word “husband” but newlywed bliss is awesome!


Taxi to JFK


Getting to see my niece Lilly was the best part about coming home. I love this little nugget.



Wedding Day! Waiting our turn.

Playing Angry Birds with his kid brother.


Me & my Mom.


Tulips for Gram

My new in-laws ❤


My sister caught him smiling...


Signing our papers & changing my name.





Lilly - entertaining the troops as daddy (my brother in law) looks on.




The lipstick wipe.


Our downtown hotel room got upgraded to a suite with a terrace and we grabbed the necessary celebratory items.


Our view of the state capital as the sun was coming up.


After a relaxing weekend with our families we headed back to New York.



Almost, but not quite - Sad face for the plane being stuck in a holding pattern for half an hour.


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