Occupy Your Rights

It’s building into quite the movement.  Occupy Wall Street (#occupywallstreet) is now growing after a major upset by the NYPD.  Tonight MSNBC is interviewing Russell Simmons who spent the day meditating and encouraging the members of OWS and its expected that even more will join their march this weekend.

The Daily News mindlessley slammed the organization for it’s disorganization, sighting them as “spoiled brats” who are disrupting the morning commte of those near Wall Street who have to “work for a living”.

I was shocked that such a gross put down on the youth of America (the CONSIOUS youth) was published in a local newspaper.  Well…not that surprised.

You don’t have to take a side.  But you DO have to admit that Occupy Wall Street has a point.

[photos from last weekend (day 7) as myself and friends Ari and Princess went to see what the fuss was about]


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