Silly in Philly (with Lilly)

Over the weekend I learned two very important lessons – 1) That the China Town bus is cheap for a reason.  2) Philadelphia makes for an awesome weekend getaway.

Not only did my husband and I get to escape the wicked city but we got to see my sister and brother-in-law and…my gorgeous baby niece Lilly!


The most amazing thing about Philadelphia was the architecture.

Occupy Philadelphia's tent city.

We got a little lost looking for my sister and brother in law's hotel, but I didn't mind soaking up the sites.

Lilly & her Tio ❤

Lilly's 15 minute obsession with an orange.

The ladies of the Breat Cancer Walk were happy to show their pride.

While waiting for a table at Miss Tootie's we browsed the shelves at CVS. Lilly had some things to procure.

Sometimes a wall says it all (or too much).

Lilly enjoyed a brief love affair with her teddy bear.

Tropical ice tea at Ms. Tootsies!

Me and my big sis.

In the end we ended up stranded in Philly and out $30 bucks. But like diligent soldiers we hopped on the first thing smoking back to the Big Apple and got back home.   – Totally worth it.


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