Patty Cake, Patty Cake

I used to think that baking – unlike cooking – was archaic.  Too stringent, with it’s chemistry class like rules and regulations.  No, I liked the boundless flow of cooking.  Just plain throwing shit together that happened to be in my kitchen and come out amazing.  But baking you see requires utensils.  You have to have trades of the craft otherwise you’ll find yourself trying to replace egg with really old milk or glaze your pie crust with an unused concealer brush (things to generally avoid).  So because I never seemed to have the proper kitchen accoutrement, I chose to buy my baked goods or bribe beg my friend Princess to bring over her made-from-scratch lemon squares (omg).

I digress.  My point.

My point is that tonight I baked.  Not only did I bake, but I baked tiny little apple pie cookies (recipe found at Smitten Kitchen).  “But Ashley – oh Great One – what ever do apple pie cookie look like?”

They look like this, bitch.

End of blog post.


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