First, a Disclaimer…

So I’ve been quite obviously absent from my blog for the past few (months?)  However, thanks to a GENEROUS early Valentines Day gift from my loving husband, I am the proud new owner of a brand spanking new Mac Book Pro.  I literally opened this thing up about an hour ago and have become lost in it’s almightyness.  In fact…it might have been two hours ago – I’ve lost track.

However, I digress.

Now that I’m back in commission I would like to softly pledge that I will continue to go back to being a hefty blogger.  No longer having to wrestle with a faulty power cord or the need to stop working, and restart my old laptop (which served its purpose well, as my very first utensil of blogation), old Betsy is now retired and I have no more excuses for neglecting my tasks at hand.

Hence forth, I return.  (bwaaaaaaahhh)



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