70 Days and Counting…

Today my little one is ten weeks along.  I was woken up this morning by one of my pregnancy apps reminding me of the event and listing off all of the amazing progress.  Wiggles has fingernails, a tongue, peach fuzz, and all of it’s vital organs (though not yet fully developed).  It’s the size of a kumquat (approximately 1 1/4 inch long) and weighs something like 0.14 ounces.  Over the next two weeks it will double in size and hopefully give me a break with the nausea as we approach trimester 2.

At 10 Weeks (courtesy of Sprout)

I’ve grown less and less fond of sweet tastes.  When once I was gobbling apples and chocolate almond milk every day, now I can’t stand the taste of it.  Popcorn is a lifesaver and Yogi “Mother-to-Be” tea is my new favorite drink along with Perrier water and grapefruit juice (yum!).  My husband has routed which local stores have which craving must-haves.  Who has the sorbet I like, who has the kale chips, and who has the good juice.  My heart swells with love as he stands up after I mention something that would be “awesome right now” throws on a jacket and grabs his skateboard.  “It’s my job” he reminds me as I apologize for the inconvenience.  He pats my stomach and smiles and I know that he understands.  What a relief to have such a supportive partner!

Although we’re still pretty early along, the days and weeks have begun to pass a bit faster.  It seems like just yesterday my husband and I sat in awe of the two lines glaring back at us and now we’re watching a little tummy-pooch grow (so small only we would notice…I think).  Now when we talk about our future we talk about our baby.  We’ve secured a team of mid-wives, started saving our money and started thinking very seriously about what we want our family to look like.  It’s a growing experience that makes me grateful this little bun takes 9 months to bake.

I won’t be turning this into a pregnancy blog – but it’s a pretty unavoidable topic when you have a person growing inside of you.  I love the feedback I’ve gotten from other mommy-to-be bloggers – please keep it coming!  ❤


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