Back, Back to Cali, Cali….

Standing on Great Salt Lake with my baby bump facing the setting sun.

Well the road was LONG.  And I don’t just mean that figuratively.  My mother and I drove over 2900 miles down Interstate 80-W and it took a lengthy 5 days to do it.  Each night I stumbled wearily into another mid-lane hotel (Days Inn, Hampton Inn….you know…all the “Inns”) and asked for a room – being sure to bat my tired eyes and ask “Is that as low as you can go?”.  Hint to the novice traveler, always ask for a lower rate…it’s like hotels are set up to haggle.  Each night I got at least $20 knocked off the room rate, once I even got $50 knocked off.  My biggest priority was clean sheets, clean bathrooms and free hot breakfast in the morning (waffles!)…

As we got closer to California the relief washed over me.  Not because the long days on the stretched out winding highways and the random hunts for health-appropriate road-food would finally end; but because New York was now behind me (literally).  I moved to New York four years ago a directionless girl.  I simply wanted change and a challenge.  Boy did I find it.  Everything about New York is comparable to a pumice stone, smoothing out your uncertainties and rough edges.  I needed that.  I needed to be aware – overly aware – that I was capable of a lot more than I grew up believing. After I got married my focus shifted.  I wanted to be a wife, a GOOD wife.  I didn’t want to be a part-time anything.  I wanted to be the one putting dinner on the table for my hard-working guy, easing his stress with my calming presence.  It’s hard to have a calming presence when you’ve just fought people traffic for an hour and toughed off aggressive male advances for four blocks while walking through Bed Stuy in heels.  I longed for the calm, and with baby coming I knew the calm wasn’t just a preference but a REQUIREMENT.  So it was goodbye Big Apple, hello California sun.  Time to be close to grandmas and aunts and uncles….close to our “village” for the sake of little Wiggles.

Now that I’m home, I feel like I’ve left half of my body somewhere on that long highway last week.  I physically feel lighter, brighter and more relaxed.  It helps that I’m temporarily retired…no more work for me.  My husband and I committed to becoming a one-income household when kids come along before we got married and we’re sticking to it.  Lucky me I’m married to a man who prides himself on taking care of his family. I gracefully said goodbye to my corporate gig, silently vowing never to return to that kind of work.  Good bye to the faceless crowds of paper-pushers, meeting-makers and Blackberry-tappers.

Now with my days open and clear, I can make them what I want for now (till baby comes of course).  Mama yoga in the morning, a visit to see my 14 month old niece, a long walk around the park, a stroll through the department store – taking mental notes of crib prices.  I can catch up on my reading and painting and most importantly…my writing.  And best of all, I can place my hands on my now obvious baby bump and focus my positive energy on my little growing prince or princess.  The second trimester has brought back my appetite, a gorgeous glow, lots of energy, a new-found love for my beautiful body and amazing confidence.  I can’t wait for the rest!

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