Oh Hail the Weather Gods…

A beautiful day in my neighborhood...

Today was about 79 degrees (give or take) and even as I pushed through the breezy day (dragging along my husband) the sun on my face and bare back felt amazing.  We took a long walk around my Mom’s neighborhood which is filled with trails, trees and a crazy array of birds and little animals.  It’s something I missed so much about California – how effortlessly nature shows itself here.  In New York, you have to go a bit out of your way to see this kind of beauty (unless you live park-side).  Either way, with April moving along nicely, the weather is heating up this week.  Sis and I have a day of “laying by the pool” planned for Saturday and I can’t wait to give my little baby bump some sun!

Enjoy Spring, wherever it reaches you!

Nature walk with the husband.


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