A Girl Could Get Used to This…

Hail to long, lazy, sun-drenched California days.

Today was some full blown Spring/ Summer weather.  The sun shone so bright and strong that it prompted the Mr. and I to ease our way out onto the back patio and work on our respective projects.  My husband diligently tore into one of his freelance projects (he’s a graphic designer) while satisfyingly sipping on an Anchor Steam beer; and I tapped away at my laptop keyboard organizing my baby shower guest list and polishing off a strawberry popsicle.  The blue jays chirped, the breeze blew through my afro and aside from the fact that wasps kept popping up and breaking into the serenity it was a perfect scene.  After the day’s heat got to be almost too much I suggested we throw on our skives at head to the pool.

These are the things I missed about California while in NYC.  The long laid out days, the sun, the birds and the palm trees.  The sense of laid backness that tends to infuse itself into every bit of your surroundings.  I never quite noticed it before…but I think people are happier on the West coast.  Must be all the vitamin D.  *shrugs*

The belly was on full display!


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