Its a BOY and My Promises to Him

My little man is coming…and I can’t stop shopping!

Last week a trip to the ER sent my family in a flurry.  Off I was swept to the Sutter Memorial hospital, I was in pain and worried about my little one.  It turned out to be a pretty bad UTI (urinary tract infection – common for pregnant women) but the thorough staff at Sutter ordered me an ultra sound to make sure baby was OK and my fluids were where they should be.  The magic word…ULTRA SOUND.

It had been almost 8 weeks since I’d seen my little squirmy worm on a screen and for a modern day mommy that felt like forever.  I don’t know how my mom and women of yore did it!  I’m absolutely obsessed with seeing my baby in live action on an ultra sound screen.  So when they told me I had to go in for one I was so excited.  The tech set me up and and moved the warm gel (thank you gel warmer) around on my belly dome.  He asked if I’d like to know what I’m having.  With a nervous voice I said, “Yes please…”  Then came the second best news of my life:

Its a Boy!!!!

I couldn’t stop smiling and cried a little then smiled again.  The tech said it like it was nothing, like it was directions to Starbucks.  But he had just given me life changing news.  To know a little bit more about who is growing inside of me was the best birthday gift I could ask for.  Not only is my little one a boy but he is a very active one.  He’s been kicking and moving around non-stop!  They also moved my due date up – but that’s an entirely different story and a typical one I’m sure for most of my sisters in combat.

So in honor of this wonderful news I wanted to make a promise to my little boy.  A few promises:

I promise to take the responsibility of raising a black man, with your father very seriously and guide you into a path of knowledge, humility and open-mindedness.

I promise not to embarrass you when you finally ask a girl out by making her feel that she’s not nearly as important as me (even though we’ll both know it to be true)

I promise to let you run around in the dirt, skin your knees, climb trees and try any sport or hobby your little mind can dream of (as long as it doesn’t involve jumping from high points or sharp objects)

I promise to dress you in suspenders and page boy hats, loafers and boat shoes until you are old enough to pick out your own clothes…let’s say about 2 or 3.  This should be interesting.

I promise that your father and I will take our first responsibility as your parents with iron clad dedication – to stay together in a healthy marriage.

I promise that when the day comes that you tell us you’re moving to Brooklyn to find yourself, we’ll support you and tell you where to get the very best Thai food in town.


2 thoughts on “Its a BOY and My Promises to Him

  1. Congradulations!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you both!!!! The promise to your son is beautiful and I cant wait to see his little face!!!

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