When once my little one would spend the majority of the day asleep deep inside of me – he now wiggles and jiggles most of the time.  I’ve gotten hip to his game though.  He’s trying to make Mommy look insane.  I sit in stillness and feel and see him kicking and moving around.  Like a VERY pleasant bug that somehow ended up in my guts and now has made it his home.  I decide to share, remove my hands and ask my mom or sister to have a feel.  They place their hands on my belly and wait patiently (for some reason when people do this it looks like their straining to hear a bird outside of the window).  And then…..NOTHING.  As if my guy is in there with his ears perked waiting for the moment of proof to pass – wide eyed, lips pursed and hands frozen in mid-fluid.  He thinks, “Those aren’t my Mom’s hands….I’m not moving.”  When he hears the hands remove themselves in defeat he then returns to his circus play, moving around and reveling in our little secret.  Meanwhile I look like a crazy person who just like her tummy to be touched.

I’ll get him back for this one day…


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