A Mommy-to-Be Intro

Daddy and I. (photo credit: Anthony Ratcliff)

Kept seeing this intro thing go around on Tumblr and decided to fill mine out.  It kind of reminds me of those surveys that used to go around on Myspace…  It’s always fun to answer questions about yourself, right?

Well it is to me.  :p


Name: Ashley
Age: 28
Birth Date: May 17
Birth Place: Oakland, California
Height: 5’5″

How did you find out you were pregnant?: I kept peeing on myself a little.  My sister practically forced me to take a pregnancy test.
What kind of pregnancy test did you take?: My sister got one for me, I think it was EPT
How many?: One was quite enough
What were your first symptoms?: I think sore boobs.  It felt like they had mutated and turned against me.
Who did you tell first?: My sister, aside from the person who was in the room with me when I took the test.
Who was with you when you found out?: My husband Saalik.  I dragged him into the bathroom at 6 AM.
Was baby planned?: Yes indeedy
When was baby conceived?: Mid-December in Brooklyn, NY.
How far were you when you found out?: About 4 weeks

Due date: So far it’s September 7th (these things change)
Do you know the sex?:  Yep
If so, boy or girl?:  Boy!
Any names?: We have a name, but won’t be announcing it publicly.
Any ultrasounds?: I’ve had 4 or 5
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yep – amazing each time.  Very strong.
Baby ethnicity?: Black on black.  😉
Who do you think baby will look like?: My husband and I both have such strong facial features.  I have NO IDEA.
Will baby have any siblings?: He has a very eager half brother.  That is all for a while.
Have you and dad felt baby move?: Every single day.  The highlight of our life at the moment.
Did you have morning sickness?: Oh boy did I!!  I had it on the subway in New York – even worse.
Did you have any cravings?: Lemonade, ice cold water, apples, ice cream, root beer, VERY spicy food and strangest of all….hot links.  I’m a vegetarian.
Did you have any mood swings?: Yes, but not terrible.  My husband may say different.
Are you a high risk pregnancy?:  Not at all.  A healthy lady of ideal child bearing age with a normal pre-pregnancy weight.
Any complications?: Two UTI’s and a small issue with drinking enough water in the beginning.  Its REALLY hard to down water when you’re nauseous.
Formula or breastfeeding?: Breastfeeding to the best of my abilities
Have you bought anything for baby yet?: Half a dozen or so outfits (couldn’t help it), a blanket and some shoes and booties.  Also received some gifts from friends and family.  But the baby shower isn’t for another few weeks.
When did you start to show?: Surprisingly early – around 10 or 11 weeks.  
How long could you wear your regular clothes?: For quite a while.  I don’t think I transitioned until around 15 weeks.  I just wore a lot of loose and stretchy clothes.
Are you excited?: <<< Probably the dumbest question I’ve ever heard.  Of course.
Who will help with baby after their born?: My mom plans on taking most of September off, and my sister will be around as well.  Daddy will be working but is willing to take the night shift.
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?: All of it.  The kicks, the movements, the glow, the belly.  I love every minute of it.
What is the worst thing about being pregnant?: Nothing I can’t handle.  But there’s difficulty sleeping, muscle pain, Braxton Hicks contractions, skin stretching and itching, food aversions, less energy and of course…the waiting.  
What one thing do you miss doing since being pregnant?:  I miss having more comfortable sex.  Also wine and cheeba.  But nothing I can’t live without for a while.  
Any days you wish you weren’t pregnant?: Nope.  Not even the day I had to get off the subway to throw up, or the day I passed out on the 4 train.
Are you ready for baby?: I am ready for today.  Tomorrow I’ll be ready for tomorrow.
How many kids do you want?: I want as many as I can afford and handle and raise according to the lifestyle that I believe in. (aka – ONE most likely)
Do you talk to your baby?: Yes.  Always when I’m in the car alone.  I sing to him at night sometimes and I always apologize to him when I get upset at stuff.  I feel guilty because I know my mood affects him.
Do you like kids?: I love children – the idea of them and their innocence.  I tend to only LIKE children of close friends and close family.  I find that kids are a product of their parents and therefore can be awesome or quite the opposite.
How far along are you now?: 26 weeks and 5 days


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