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Fashion and Other Disasters

To keep a long story short…


Wiki’s b-day in Tuxedo Park, NY.  Had a blast falling down a hill in skis.  Drinking Four Loko on the way up and tubing down a hill in fast-motion spirals.  8 adults acting like children, good times!

Went to Milk Studios in Chelsea to see the Katie Gallagher show and the Erickson Beamon show.  Free champagne and hop-nobbing with the fashion snobs of NY…

Random Share


I thought this photo found on Cup of Joe was hilarious and warm.

Always glad to see collective silliness.

James Blake – Limit to Your Love

Michelangelo Gabran, Boy Meets Girl

An old friend (and technically the man who introduced me to my first love), Michelangelo (aka Mic G) from my home town, Oakland, CA is (and always has been) a creative mind.  He’s doing his thing now in music and I had to post this video for his song “Boy Meets Girl” that he sent me, because it’s genuinely awesome.  Enjoy!




My best friend Wiki sent me these….


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