James Blake – Limit to Your Love


Michelangelo Gabran, Boy Meets Girl

An old friend (and technically the man who introduced me to my first love), Michelangelo (aka Mic G) from my home town, Oakland, CA is (and always has been) a creative mind.  He’s doing his thing now in music and I had to post this video for his song “Boy Meets Girl” that he sent me, because it’s genuinely awesome.  Enjoy!



Cabin Fever Movies

Over this past weekend, I spent my time indoors.  A little tough to travel when Brooklyn is ravaged by 20-inch snowfalls.  To gratify pacify the stillness of being

Jerry Lewis in Artists and Models, 1955

snowed in, I watched a few goodies but oldies.

A movie I loved as a kid and haven’t been able to find since is the 1955 version of Artists and Models, starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.  A very young and energetic Shirley MacLaine plays opposite Lewis as his obsessive love interest and there is a classic cameo by Eva Gabor.  It’s colorful, crazy and hilarious thanks to Jerry Lewis’ insane twist on physical comedy.

I watched another classic, Niagara.  One of my favorite Monroe movies.  She plays, not the perky and aloof but the tragically flawed, emotionally unstable, over-sexed housewife plotting to kill her husband and run off with her lover.  My favorite scene is where she saunters over to the DJ booth at an outside picnic in a painted-on fuchsia dress and hands him a record to play.  Stone faced and scheming, she commands the room’s attention, “DJ, run this shit.” (In my mind that’s what she says…)

Monroe in Niagara, 1953

Then Slick suggested Fahrenheit 451.  Directed by Truffaut and featuring a very young Julie Christie (Brad’s mom in Troy).  A Fireman’s sole purpose is to burn books in this film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel, “The Firemen”.  It’s kitschy and cheesy but the plot is pretty awesome.  While the shallow and obvious story line was a little less than gripping, it was cool to see Truffaut’s neorealism splash color on the age-old conflict of censorship.

Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451, 1966

So the downfall of the weekend is that I didn’t do much by way of moving and shaking…although thanks to the ginormous snowfall…no one did.  I got to chill, drink and catch up on some old favorites and spend time with my best friend.  ❤

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