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So the good thing about living with a web designer is that he can spruce up your website for hugs and home-cooked dinners.  The bad thing is that sometimes he gets bogged down with doing projects for other people (who actually pay in cash).  My live-in genius managed to pencil me in and place me – respectfully – at the top of his to-do list.  So….

Blambloozers the blog is now!  With the domain change will come a whole new initiative.  Its time I started getting back to basics and simplifying my life.  Its harder than I thought to purposely opt for the DIY instead of IKEA or second-hand instead of brand new.  The point?  Decreasing your “retail footprint”.  Every un-informed purchase we make is a vote; it tells industry leaders to keep cutting quality and sacrificing our health all for the sake of their own bottom lines.  Depending less and less on unsustainable industries and more and more on our own initiatives is the path to true happiness (in my humble opinion).

I thought about changing the name…but how could I?  This one was hand-picked by my Grams and what better name for a site dedicated to thinking outside the box than a completely made up one?

Also check out the genius at

when it relaunches August 8th!

Stay Tuned!


Spotlight: Sensico a mosquito bite you have to scratch.

In the world of blogging one of the realities is that you’re more likely to have friends, fellow bloggers, which you’ve never actually met.  Friends, who in all likelihood you will never meet.  Through the mutual interest of writing down the random stream of thoughts that enters our brains, one of those fellow bloggers to me is Sensico, a political blogger from Michigan.  You can find this opinionated and mouthy young lady on Twitter battling me in public tongue bashings or on one of her two blogs hashing out weighty issues and sharing the random details of her life.  When I first “met” Sensico through a blogger’s discussion board, I was both horrified and annoyed….and that’s how I knew we’d be friends.

Stay a bit and read my interview with her, as we delve into the twisted pirate whore world that is the mind of one of the most addictive bloggers you’ll ever regret meeting.  Enjoy….

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Spotlight: Andrew Rowley

"I believe love is one of the worst things humans can waste. Oh wait wait...and lasagna."

Andrew Rowley aka Ninja Steeze is a blogger friend of mine with the perfect combination of literary prose and straight up ballsiness.  He wanders around New York City with his sidekick and girlfriend, Crystal posting their musing and nonsense on their mutual blog Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

Not only does he team up with his lady-love for the sake of the 1st amendment, but he’s a super blogger to boot!  Penning two other blogs, each with different themes; random musings on Ninja Steeze and poetic lyrics on One Lost Poet.

Check out the maestro himself in this tell-all Spotlight interview, and see why his subscribers are kept in stitches…

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